1. Easy Go Lucky

From the recording Be Here

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Written by: Andrew McCausland

Easy go lucky me
Moving through this strange existence
Often blind to see
The loneliness in life's resistance
Then I stumbled upon you
Thought maybe I should stop the coasting
Of a decade in the blue
With loose bearings as an over-toasting fool

Easy go lucky me
Caught up in a lonely instance
And I can't go to sleep
Counting sheep won't replace your presence
I'd call but it's too late
Don't want to wake you when you're off in dreamland
So I'll just contemplate
Wait awaits when I reach home and you

Easy go lucky me
Still moving through this strange existence
With the heaven's canopy
As a reminder of all the distance
So for now I'm counting stars
Hoping one would fall
And then I'd wish to be sleeping next to you
Instead of being lonely as can be

Somewhere on a dark and endless sea

Instead of being easy go lucky me