1. Highway Scenes

From the recording Highway Scenes

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Right now I am nothing
And that's just what I want to be
I’m tired of being your servant
I won’t run at your beckoning
So I walk a lonesome highway
I sleep beneath the big oak tree

In my dream I saw a cowboy
Sitting by a saloon door
One leg propped up, his head upon it
His resolve was sinking low
He wore a noose just like a necktie
No place in this world no more

And then I came upon a manor
Perches high up on the hill
In the day it sat so stately
And everything was calm and still
That night it shook like God's own fury
And raged a fiery burning hell
And I just watched it burn

So in the morning I’m a wake up
And then I’d best be on my way
I'm too unfettered to sit idle
Plus I don’t have a place to stay
So I walk the lonesome highway
Let it lead me where it may